-New Updated List of Materials for Points-

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-New Updated List of Materials for Points-

Post  taiden on Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:53 pm

This a new list of materials for points and to whom they go to. the materials under each members names is whom it gets sent or given to. If you have questions feel free to PM Kwon, Waui, Xcrushx, Zyrus or Tundra.

Materials for Waui, Zyrus, Xcrushx & Alainn-
- thin thread = 4pts stk(not crush)
- thick thread = 6pts stk

Materials for Alainn-
- magic silver thread = 10pts each
- magic golden thread = 20pts each
- red youth potions = 5pts each
- black youth potions = 10pts each
- foggy silk(from siren) = 50pts each
- fine silk = 7pt each / 70pts stk
- finest silk = 10pts each / 100pts stk
- fine fabric = 7pts each / 70pts stk
- finest fabric = 10pts each / 100pts stk
- fine leather = 7pts each / 70pts stk
- common leather = 2pt each / 20 pts stk
- cheap leather = 1 pt each / 10 pts stk
- any finishing threads, patterns= 1pt for every 1k spent

Materials for Waui-
- fine fabric = 7pts each / 70pts stk
- fine leather = 7pts each / 70pts stk
- finest leather = 10pts each / 100 pts stk
- iron ingots = 1.5pt each or 30pts stk
- silver ingots = 2.5pt each or 50pts stk
- siren masks-
cat mask = 50pts each
bat wing mask = 100pts each
wing mask = 150pts each
feather mask = 100pts each
siren's glasses = 100pts each
(all other siren masks are not used for anything)
- braids = 10pts each stk of 5

Materials for XcrushX-
- large nails = 1pt stk
- firewood = 2pts stk
- tough string = 7pts each
- iron bars = 3pts each
- wooden boards = 15pts each

Materials for Taiden-
base = 2pts stk
mana = 8pts stk
sunlight = 7pts stk
white = 10pts stk
golden = 10pts stk
bloody = 6pts stk
mandrake = 1pt stk
antidote = 6pts stk
poison = 3pts stk
garbage herb is not used for anything at all ! ! ! ! ! ! !
- fossil stones - 1 pt each / 5 pts stk
- elemental remover & base potions if you want to donate ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Additional Information

Post  Zyrus on Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:21 pm

The most needed herbs right now are:
1. Golden
2. Mana
3. Bloody

From now on please send your herbs to Taiden along with any requests for pots. He is now going to be the guilds main potionmaker.

Also I will be guilds enchanter.


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Post  Waui on Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:24 pm

I would like to mention that since Kwon will be afk for a number of weeks, I will accept all Materials for Kwon. Also, I would like to make a few corrections to the points.

Fine Leathers/Fabrics/Silks are 7 points each, 70 points per stack
Finest Leathers/Fabrics/Silks are 10 points each, 100 points per stack

I am also in dire need of Ingots, so I am making them worth more points.

Iron Ingots are now 1.5 points each, 30 points per stack
Silver Ingots are now 2.5 points each, 50 points per stack

Thank you, and happy collecting.


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Enchant Updates

Post  Zyrus on Sat Sep 12, 2009 3:23 pm

Im am rank 8 enchanting now so I need items to burn. Junk items and enchant scrolls are 1 point each. Also if anyone wants to rank thier enchanting skill hang out with me while i burn and ill let you enchant. You can rank yours up to almost Rank B just hanging out. Smile


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Re: -New Updated List of Materials for Points-

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