how stella got her zoom back

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how stella got her zoom back Empty how stella got her zoom back

Post  Maui on Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:49 am

ok guys; while .dll modding is still largely detected by hs, the modding community has figured out that zoom still works (even for vista 32 bit!); here's what you need to do.

first, follow this link:
(EDIT: seems you have to be a member to download that. signing up is free and where i get a lot of my modding information, so really, i suggest you do it. if you're too lazy, though, just get ijl15.dll, ijl15.dat, and patch.ini from tiara)

extract that into c:/nexon/mabinogi

open patch.ini

turn everything off (set all numerical values to 0) except for the zoom (you don't have to change snapshot quality, either)

and voila! happy modding. bug me online if you need any help (if you can find me :d )


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