Disabling the Nagle Algorithm

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Disabling the Nagle Algorithm Empty Disabling the Nagle Algorithm

Post  Slaco on Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:35 pm


For those that don't know of this, Disable the Nagle Algorithm is just a means of reducing the amount of "lag" archers or sometimes mages, get when shooting (if u have that sort of problem). I have disabled the Nagle Algorithm myself and it has improved the Latency in my playing of Mabinogi. I don't know if anyone needs this but if anyone is getting annoyed that they don't shoot the second they clicked or the loading of shooting takes longer than its supposed to, Disable this. You don't have to if u don't want to, I've had this disabled for a month now and everything is alright on my computer (and I never did have the best computer in the world). It would be more preferable that you do some in detailed research before disabling (Just in case you're worried).

Since this is a very well, and knowledgeable guild you might not need this thread but just in case someone does not know of this I have made the thread to help others.

Ps. Pay close attention to the video and what he is saying, and he has posted links to some stuff if u do not have it on your computer

thank you very much for reading and I hope this helps Very Happy


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