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Virtual PC (Multi Client) Empty Virtual PC (Multi Client)

Post  Waui on Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:23 am

As I'm sure some of you know, Multi Clienting is against Nexon's TOS and just a pain in the ass to make work sometimes. Well now, running multiple clients without breaking the TOS is possible. All that is required for this is a hefty amount of RAM on your computer, 4g or more is recommended, your Windows install disk (or a Windows .iso file), and your Windows CD-Key.
This is a program called VMWare Workstation, and what it does is simple. It allows you to run multiple versions of Windows on 1 computer. So you just download and install the file. When you run Workstation, you'll be able to create new "Virtual Machines." Do this, and instert your Windows CD (or load up the .iso file), and follow the on-screen directions. Along the way there will be an option to allocate a specific amount of RAM to that Virtual Machine. Personally, I put 1.3g of ram on both of my Virtual Machines, however, keep in mind how much RAM is left over for your main system.
After this, Windows will install onto the Virtual Machine like any other computer, and it takes a while. One finished, just download Mabinogi, Mod it if you wish, and enjoy running multiple clients.

download link:

Mabinogi forum like (where I got this information from)

By the way this is a 30 day free trial. At the end of that you'll have to find yourself a key for VMWare, which shouldn't be terribly hard.



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