How to get 200 iron ingots and 200 mana herbs a hour!!

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How to get 200 iron ingots and 200 mana herbs a hour!! Empty How to get 200 iron ingots and 200 mana herbs a hour!!

Post  Zyrus on Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:56 am

Information is the most valuable resource in mabinogi. The difference between being a "noob" and a "pro" is often just 1 thing, knowledge. Yesterday after refining for a bit I went to dunbarten to go shopping for deals. I came across a shop selling ingots. Bought 1 stack. Came back 1/2hour later and he had 100 more. Came back again a little later and he had even more. So, I said to myself "How in the world is he getting so many?" So i decided to ask. He then sold me the information for 50k. Quite simple but very valuable. Here is step by step:

1. Go to the highlands mana tunnel and proceed to the raft boat (make a boat).
2. Take with you no more than 3 people. 2 Adv magic users (FB (RB+) and thunder(R7+) best).
3. Have 1 person mana shielding.
4. 1 person with adv magic on either side of boat.
5. Use adv magic on hob goblins.
6. Get 3 stars and play dead until you dock, just enjoy the scenery.
7. When you dock, quickly trade in stars for 10 ingots and 10 mana herbs. Hop back on boat.
8. You can do this 3 times before arriving back at start. You can spam this for 90 ingots per run(3 people X 10 X 3) or about 200 ingots in 1/2 hour-45min.

ADV TIP: Any 3 stars will get you ingots (unles its 3 stars and 5 little ones)but 3 stars and 2.5-4 little stars also gets you 10 mana herbs. Which when made into pots, will let the adv magic users go again and again on raft.

If anyone has anything to add let me know!!



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