Zyrus Business Tip Volume 1 Getting Farmers

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Zyrus Business Tip Volume 1 Getting Farmers Empty Zyrus Business Tip Volume 1 Getting Farmers

Post  Zyrus on Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:39 am

I am a big proponant of using farmers (aka noobs who need money). Ok here is the process i use to gather any items i dont have time to get.

1. Contact Guildmaster I know (if you dont know them well ask me or someone else).
2. Ask them if anyone is always broke, and that you have a job for them to make good money easy.
3. Make contact. Explain exactly what you want and what you'll pay.
4. Be consistent and pay well. Never ever ever forget to pay and be generous and forgiving. You;ll get lots of people who will refer more friends to do your little quests.

Ideal person: level 25-65 total. Mature and willing to do boring dungeons and things for money.
Example 1: I pay 8k for people to run magic tofu dungeon when I want to make alot of tofu. I get about 1 tofu for 1k this way. I can sell for big proffit or as you have seen, make my bears big.

Example2: I pay 10k for people to run top floor of barri. They mine the ores and give them to me. 40 ores. Now to further entice them, I call what I pay them a salary. This way they know i want them to mine every day/week and they get a salary. Currently I have full time positions that pay 90k per day (9 runs top floor, 360ores) and part time for half that.

Well I hope this helps. I use this all the time to gather materials. I need to do it for leathers next for Waui. Let me know if you have any suggestions or improvements on this method. Thanks.



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